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You started the school year with high expectations and meticulously planned agendas. But your classroom is plagued by chronic discipline issues and communication breakdowns. Students’ minds are fixated on interpersonal conflicts or crises at home. Some are mired in apathy, others crippled by self-doubt. You address each difficulty in the moment to the best of your abilities…but you can’t shake the feeling that your hard work isn’t leading to the results you’ve hoped for.


This may or may not be your story, but it definitely can end so much brighter. 


This book will walk you through five surprisingly important choices that will help you to overcome these challenges and reach a place of confidence in your life and in your teaching. 


When you are intentional about


demonstrating Vulnerability,

understanding your Experiences,

nourishing your Relationships,

expressing Gratitude, and

engaging in honest Evaluation


this is when your true education experience begins! 


Once you learn to live with intention, you’ll be on the VERGE of a breakthrough in your classroom as well.


As a teacher, school climate advisor, teacher coach, family counselor, behavior specialist, dean of students, and overall social architect, O.B. Amaechi has spent part of his career inspiring students and teachers to overcome their fear, develop a healthy self-image, and achieve greatness. He served as a TFA workshop panelist on classroom management  and has designed an alternative discipline model for schools to replace detention. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. 


Courtesy of Wake up the Soul

The Intentional 5: VERGE - Confessions of a Disciplined Thought (Hard Cover)

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