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O.B Amaechi is a Nigerian-American author with his purpose soaked in beauty. O.B. since a kid has always wondered about the emotions of people and what made people tick. He started at a young age helping younger kids in his neighborhood see their worth through affirmations and intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.  Despite growing up in the rough inner city of New Haven, CT he did not allow the streets to consume him. Growing up as 1 of 7 siblings in a single parent household forced him to learn a lot through his experiences. O.B. was never the loudest in the room but seemed to always make lasting friendships with people in all walks of life.  If you ask his family and friends they would describe him as extremely eclectic, responsible, and free-spirited. 


As a teacher, school climate advisor, teacher coach, family counselor, behavior specialist, dean of students, and overall social architect, O.B. Amaechi has spent part of his career inspiring students and teachers to overcome their fear, develop a healthy self-image, and achieve greatness. Regardless of the room that O.B. is in he continues to extend his vision of beauty by his sincerity, hard work, and dedication. Being able to see the world through the lens of interdependence has always been one of his strengths. 


OB served as a TFA workshop panelist on classroom management, created a pilot program for a 2nd grade student cohort in dealings with behavior management, and has designed an alternative discipline model for schools to replace detention. This shows his willingness to share his experiences with others and create systems that evoke a change in how we are conditioned to think about systems. 


The other half of OB is dedicated to other modes of creativity from DJjing to fashion design, and to now designing and writing his first book. The Intentional 5: VERGE Confessions of a Disciplined Thought is an extension of what has fueled him to maintain his persistence and dedication to the success of others.  


Although his focal audience for this edition is Educators, his book continues to bring every readers closer to knowing the key 5 guidelines that has kept his thoughts disciplined; Vulnerability, Experiences, Relationships, Gratitude, Evaluation (VERGE). These are undoubtedly principles that anyone can apply to their lives.  Creating engaging environments is something that he has always kept at heart as he ventured into fashion, art, music, and technology. He is one of our new thinkers that can see past the smoke and mirrors to get to the core of inward healing in order to thrive in our confidence.  OB Amaechi currently resides in Los Angeles, California. 

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