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About WUTS

At Wake up the Soul we are a team of seasoned servant leaders dedicated to being a part of your walk toward understanding more of who you are in order to reach personal and professional  success. Any type of growth begins from within just as a seed is purposed to bring forth fruit. 


At WUTS, this growth is practiced through our framework

The Intentional 5V .E .R .G .E

Vulnerability -  Going beyond the pressures of resisting change that is felt in our minds and bodies because of normalcy.


Experiences -  Identifying the differences in you past experiences while focusing on the ones that represent you at your greatest level(s). 


Relationships -  building with others by contributing the collaborative nature of who we are. 


Gratitude - creating a posture of thanks even when you have missed the target. 


Evaluation - The ability to self-evaluate moment to moment; you do not let a day pass without assessing your actions. 

When we practice The Intentional 5 we begin to engage in the framework that promotes a healthy change in yourself and those that surround you. We help you see that you are electric! Our VERGE coaches are carefully vetted and hand picked based on their positive impact in their communities and experience in their field of work. We are home-based in the Arts District of LA. 

 Partner with a VERGE coach

Our VERGE coaches hail from all over the world and have tons of experience covering areas that they have dealt with or areas where they have supported others whether dealing with: unification of families, anxiety, stress, career, death and bereavement, marriage, divorce, and strengthening relationships with others. The amazing thing about our coaches is that the range of all their experience is also paired with passion. They are not working with you because they studied these topics in school and just need a job, they are doing it because they have learned what works to create a balanced life and want to give their life hacks to others in order to reduce any unnecessary pain as you journey in life. 


We gladly serve children to adults. We are dedicated teachers, administrators, influencers, business owners, designers, artists, engineers, coaches, stylists, architects, nurses, doctors, psychologists, contractors, accountants, and so much more! 


We are listeners, planners, managers, advisors, and builders that are dedicated to creating an authentic partnership leading to transformational outcomes. 

Our mission is to build a community through providing resources and services that position people to operate from their highest versions—reviving self-discovery through leadership, empathy, and intentionality.



Our Vision is a world where people are GROWING through discomfort to elevate their consciousness; living out their highest thoughts.



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