1-on-1 Lifestyle Strategist Session

Get the Most out of Life

Our one-on-one program is transformative in how we approach our clients (seekers). The great thing at wakeupthesoul is that our approach to partnership is uniform in that it shares the same guidelines no matter which Lifestyle Strategist you work with. This means that you are sure to get service from passionate people who understand the responsibility of being fully present. All lifestyle strategists has gone through our Wake up the Soul training which is centered on 5 core guiding ideas: Vulnerability, Experiences, Relationships, Gratitude, and Evaluation. This is how we continue to drive so many life shifting sessions. we are dedicated stewards of our community, eager to see you shine by confronting your area of concern. If you are looking to take those amazing ideas from between your ears to actualization then you have come to the right place. We are all life learners so the more transparent you are, the easier your LS will be in getting you to your breakthrough moments. Partnering with us is about realizing that, together, you have everything necessary for your success. To see you at your highest point is our mission and this comes from using our experiences as leverage to stop the cycles of revolving doors. Each LS has overcome many struggles in order to use their experience of personal strength to let you know that you can do it too! Click here to learn more about each LS and schedule a free consultation today.

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